Privalore, zero emissions buildings

Privalore, zero emissions buildings

In 2014, Privalore became the first national developer with the Clean CO2 Certificate in its constructions.

The real estate developer, aware of the need of preserving the environment, calculates and offsets the CO2 emissions generated during the construction process, and also takes into account the types of materials used in each home. The tCO2e generated are offset by contributing to projects from the Clean CO2 portfolio that reduce emissions.

During these past two years (2017 and 2018), Privalore has offset 200 tonnes of CO2e derived from the remodelling of 14 homes. This has been possible through the purchase of CO2 credits from different projects, such as: AY-YILDIZ Wind Power Project, a wind energy project and Darica, a hydroelectric plant, both located in Turkey as well as BARBOSA, a sustainable forest management project in Colombia. The three projects provide environmental benefits, and they also have a strong social component within the communities where they are developed.

Privalore, has obtained an individual Clean CO2 Certificate for each remodelled house, which certifies neutral emissions.


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