The program Compartim un futur is once again emissions neutral

The program Compartim un futur is once again emissions neutral

Compartim un futur is a program committed to the fight against climate change that has once again offset its CO2 emissions. The program calculates the carbon footprint associated with the displacement of groups and educators, as well as the fungible materials used. These emissions are offset by the purchase of carbon credits from the Clean CO2 project portfolio.

This latest edition has been offset by the Darica Hydro Power Plant project, a hydroelectric plant located on the Melet River in the Mesudiye district of the Ordu province in Turkey. The goal of the project’s activity is to supply approximately 99 MW of renewable electricity thanks to the strength of water, within the context of rapid growth in the Turkish electricity market. In addition, it contributes with additional environmental and social benefits such as the increase of job opportunities in the area, the improvement of energy efficiency and the expansion of education, health and public facilities.

As a guarantee of the action taken, Compartim un Futur 2017-2018 has obtained the Clean CO2 Certificate that proves its neutrality.


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