AY-YILDIZ Wind Power Project

The project consists of 5 turbines, of 3 MW each in Ayyildiz Hill near the town of Bandirma in the province of Balikesir, Northwest of Turkey. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the national economy and provide a portion of growing electricity demand with renewable energy from wind power.

The project reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, avoiding the generation of carbon dioxide due to the production of electricity using fossil fuels. The average annual generated energy of 51.32 GWh of renewable energy, which allows a reduction in emissions of around 30,997 tCO2e per annum.



  • Reduction of the environmental pollution due to the reduction of local air pollutants
  • Decrease in the dependency on imported fossil fuels as an energy source. Diversification of electricity generation mix through the use of local resources.
  • Land use, grazing or agricultural activities will not be affected negatively by the project activity.
  • Improvement of local air quality in the area where the project is developed.
  • Decrease in the ecological damage. The project prevents the establishment of any other activity like stone mining in the project site and thus helps protecting the grassland present at the project site.


  • Contribution to economic development of the people living in the area where the Project is developed.
  • Contributes to increasing local employment during both the construction and operation of the project. About 50 people will be employed during construction stage. Also, about 7 people will be employed permanently during the operating life time of the plant.
  • The local communities will continue to use the soils for pasture. If the project had not been developed, the lands would have been used for mining or for landfill.

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