Ruchi Wind Project

The purpose of the project activity is to utilize renewable wind energy for generation of the electricity, and to sell the generated electricity to the national grid of Madhya Pradesh State, connected to the North, East and West India grid, which electricity is mainly generated from fossil fuels.

Before project implementation, the electricity was mainly fossil fuel based power plants. The total install capacity of the project is of 22.5 MW.



  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated to the use of fossil fuels for generating electric power. The project activity uses wind energy to produce electricity which otherwise would have been produced through the grid connected power plants which are primarily fossil fuel based.
  • Reduction of the negative impacts associated to the emission of greenhouse gases, at the same time that contributes to the economic and social development of the region.


  • Provision of job opportunities to some of the local people during the assembly and operation of the wind farm contributing up to some extent in poverty alleviation of the local tribal community.
  • Supporting childhood education in local communities, with the following activities: Construction of a school and two Sanitation blocks called the Pour Flush, and construction of a centre called the Self Learning Centre equipped with a large variety of learning material (good library, educational CDs, games…)
  • Women promotion, via the creation of specific working groups, where they receive training on solving problems related to drinking water.
  • Distribution of solar lamps to the town inhabitants and execution of an awareness program dedicated to healthy habits which beneficiated twelve schools and 600 people.

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