Grid Connected Wind Energy Project in Tamil Nadu

The Project has been implemented by CLP Wind Farms (Theni – Project II) Private Limited (“CLP”) with a power of 49.5 MW in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.  The Project entails the installation and operation of 30 numbers of Vestas make V-82 type WEGs.

Each of these WEGs is having a rated capacity of 1.65 MW. power generated from the Project is supplied to power generated from this project to the state electricity distribution company/ grid which is a part of Southern regional grid of India.

The Project thereby leads to reduction in emission of 180,219 tonne of CO2per annum associated with fossil fuel based electricity generation and enables sustainable economic and environmental development.





  • Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production of electricity by means of fossil fuel burning. The energy generated from coal burning is replaced by wind power electricity.
  • Reduces the damage caused by coal mining
  • Reduction of the negative impacts associated to the emission of greenhouse gas emissions and contribution to the economic and social development of the region.
  • Improvement of the air quality in the area, as a consequence of the reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions



  • Increase of the land values in the site where the project is located. Settings up of wind farms require large area which enables to appreciate the land values which would otherwise command extremely low prices more because most of these lands are unproductive.
  • Opening up of employment opportunities: The project activity requires temporary and permanent, skilled and semi-skilled manpower at the wind farm; this will create additional employment opportunities.
  • Improvement of availability of electricity, The generated electricity will be fed to the Southern regional grid through the local grid, thereby improving grid frequency and availability of electricity to the local consumers (villagers & sub-urban habitants), which will provide new opportunities for industries and other economic activity to be setup in the area resulting in greater local employment and overall development.
  • The project activity has led to the development of supporting infrastructure such as road network etc., in the wind farm location, which also provides better access for the local population.


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