uRock, the consultancy committed to improving organizations through people and the environment

uRock, the consultancy committed to improving organizations through people and the environment

uRock, the consultancy specialized in the results-oriented application of Emotional Intelligence in companies, has just received the Clean CO2 certificate and Certified seal issued by Lavola, state experts in promoting environmental sustainability.

uRock has been working with medium and large companies for over 10 years helping the organizations transform thanks to the transformation of their people. This certificate proves its commitment to society and the fight against climate change.

uRock values ​​include commitment, honesty and consistency, which is why, in its eagerness to become an example of an organization committed to the satisfaction and well-being of people, not only at a social level but also at an ecological and environmental level, has decided to neutralize the CO2 emissions generated by its 2017 activity.

uRock’s 2017 CO2 emissions (2.36 tCO2e) were generated mainly from trips in private land transport and have been offset by contributing to the Andra Pradesh wind energy project developed in India and certified by Verified Carbon Standard. The Andra Pradesh project installs Suzlon turbines for a total installed capacity of 4.2 MW, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable resources (wind energy) for the generation of an energy that would otherwise have been generated in the thermal power plants using fossil fuels.

The project generates an annual average of 8,462 MWh of renewable energy, which allows a reduction of 8,152 tCO2e emissions per year from companies in the same country or others, that are committed to this issue as in the case of uRock. This type of projects also increase job opportunities and help the social and economic development of the area where they are developed. This protocol for the emissions offset between companies and sustainable projects has been carried out and certified by Lavola.

uRock proves its commitment to society from different angles. A commitment that the company aims to continue developing in successive years to contribute with small gestures to create a better world.