“Unidad Editorial” is committed to the carbon neutrality of its events

“Unidad Editorial” is committed to the carbon neutrality of its events

Coinciding with the World Environment Day, the newspapers ‘El Mundo’, ‘Marca’ and ‘Expansión’ organize the event “Partnerships for a Sustainable World“, in which they bring together some of the great national companies that have been showing the best practices in sustainability, as well as several of the leading experts in the field.
The objective of this edition is to give value to the transforming power of the economic, social and environmental alliances, and their impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

“Unidad Editorial”, publisher of the headers mentioned above, is aware that any event will generate an ecological footprint and takes the decision to assess its environmental impact on climate change and compensate for it. The “Unidad Editorial” has calculated the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the holding of the conference and has compensated them through a reduction project that is part of the Clean CO2 project portfolio.

A collaboration agreement has been signed between “Unidad Editorial” and Madre de Dios REED Project, a sustainable forest management project developed in the Peruvian Amazon. The project reduces 659,793 tons of CO2 each year and increases local employment opportunities, reaching over 100 workers on temporary contracts. It also allocates economic resources with basic medicines and supports campaigns against Dengue among other benefits.

Finally, as a guarantee of the compensation of emissions, “Unidad Editorial” has obtained the Certificate and the Clean CO2 Seal, through which it is possible to access an informative and personalized microsite with all the information related to the calculation and compensation of the event carbon footprint.

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