Twentic, technology committed to the environement

Twentic, technology committed to the environement

Twentic Information and Communication Technologies was founded in 2005 with the aim of offering all kinds of technological advice services to companies. In addition, it is concerned about the environment, and for this reason, since 2013, it has carried out a carbon management strategy.

Clean CO2 has calculated the carbon footprint of Twentic’s activity since 2017, its result being 1.73 tCO2e. Additionally, Twentic has offset the emissions that are not possible to reduce due to its activity. This has been possible thanks to the participation in a renewable energies project with social commitment from the Clean CO2 projects portfolio.

The chosen project is Andra Pradesh, located in India, and has the certifications of the international standards Verified Carbon Standard. The project installs Suzlon turbines for a total installed capacity of 4.2 MW, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable resources (wind energy) for the generation of energy that otherwise would have been generated in thermal power plants using fossil fuels. The project generates an annual average of 8,462 MWh of renewable energy, which allows an emissions reduction of 8,122 tCO2e per year.

Thus, Twentic has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate proving its neutrality in emissions.

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