The program “Un Volt als Residus” obtains the Clean CO2 certificate for the first time

The program “Un Volt als Residus” obtains the Clean CO2 certificate for the first time

The program “Un volt als residus”, from the Maresme Solid Urban Waste Treatment Consortium, takes a step further in its commitment to the environment and offsets the emissions generated by the 2017-2018 program with Clean CO2.

The carbon footprint associated with visits and workshops in the school center has been calculated. The calculation has taken into account the emissions related to the energy consumption of the auditorium and the displacements of educators and school transport.

The offset of the 2017-2018 waste program carbon footprint was carried out by purchasing 9,12 carbon credits from a water sanitation project in the Republic of Malawi.

The project is called the Malawi Borehole Project and its main objective is to offer drinking water supply to local communities in the Dowa and Kaungu districts of Malawi, through the rehabilitation of community wells. In the project’s districts, around half of the rural communities live without potable water. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that about a third of the wells are unusable. Only one in five people have access to a toilet, a quarter of the schools have no drinking water, and there is only one sink for every 150 students on average.

In this situation, the families of these communities can either drink contaminated water or boil it to purify it. Consequently, the project is offering a system of sanitation for drinking water to 450,000 people in the project’s districts. This will reduce 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, since there will be no need to boil water to purify it.

With this action, the 2017-2018 Waste Volunteer program has obtained the Clean CO2 Certified Certificate and Seal, as a prove of its neutrality.