Smart City Expo World Congress, a carbon neutral event

quadratSmart City Expo World Congress is fully committed to the goals of creating efficient, sustainable and economically viable cities. The event leads by example by creating a carbon neutral event and offering its assistants the possibility of offsetting their emissions and joining SCEWC’s big environmental commitment.

SCEWC has calculated the emissions generated during the organization of the event, which come from the energy consumption, the materials delivered, the communicative materials, the catering service offered by the organization and the speaker’s trips and overnight stays that have been managed by the organization. Through Clean CO2 we have closed collaboration with the Andra Pradesh project, a wind energy production project in India. This initiative, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard, reduces CO2 emissions, improves air quality, boosts local economy, increases occupation and protects the surrounding environment.

SCEWC wanted to take a step further and give its assistants the chance to join this initiative and offset the CO2 emissions generated from their trips to the event through Clean CO2’s Webshop.

SCEWC and all the assistants that have offset their trips have obtained a Certificate and a Clean CO2 stamp accrediting their neutrality and their commitment to emissions reduction.