Recuwaste 2018 event commits itself and offsets its carbon footprint

Recuwaste 2018 event commits itself and offsets its carbon footprint

Recuwaste 2018, previously called Recuwatt, the international benchmark congress on circular economics held in Mataró, has calculated and offsetting CO2 emissions from the organization of the event and the displacements of the speakers.

During the last year, the congress has incorporated outstanding experiences around the world so that attendees can know first-hand projects worldwide, without forgetting local innovation. As always, the objective of the event is to speak of energy recovery in all its forms, since European regulations will end up restricting the indiscriminate use of the landfill as a final waste treatment system.

In total, the event has offset its carbon footprint of 50 tonnes of CO2 and closing a collaboration agreement with the Andra Pradesh Wind Power project, dedicated to the installation of wind turbines in India. The activity of this project contributes to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, associated with the use of fossil fuels, for the generation of electric energy created through wind energy. At the same time, it contributes to the economic and social development of the region and generates an improvement in air quality. One of the social benefits of the project is the increase in the value of the land where the project is located, since the installation of wind farms requires large expanses of land, which means that the value of the soil increases, which in another way It would remain at very low prices because the land is very unproductive. Thanks to the project, job opportunities have also been created for local and non-local people. The improvement of the electricity supply service and the sensitization courses in the schools of the region are also highlighted on various topics such as deforestation, water use and energy use.

Finally, the event has obtained the certificate and seal Clean CO2 that proves its neutrality.

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