Gupta Project

The project activity involves the installation of two wind turbines of 1,5MW each, with a total of 3MW. The electricity generated is supplied to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), which is part of the Electricity Network of Southeast India.

The project increases the capacity of the distribution network and replaces the same amount of electricity produced by fossil fuels.

The project owner, Gupta Coalfields & Washeries Limited, has decided to implement a responsible and sustainable business strategy, and promoting sustainable development through renewable energy generation through the support received from the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).



  • Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions associated to the burning of fossil fuels for generating electric power. Specifically, the coal used before the execution of the project, is replaced with wind power energy.
  • Reduction of the negative impacts associated to the emission of greenhouse gases at the same time that contributes to the economic and social development of the region.


  • Increase of the land values in the site where the project is located. The setting up of wind farms requires a large area which enables to appreciate the land values which would otherwise command extremely low prices more because most of these lands are unproductive.
  • Opening up of employment opportunities for the local people not only during the erection and commissioning of the wind farm but also for its operation and maintenance, which have definitely improved the standard of living of the local people.
  • Improvement of availability of electricity, because the generated electricity is fed into the Western Region Grid through the local grid. The frequency and availability of electricity has improved, and has offered to the local consumers, new opportunities for industries and economic activities resulting in greater local employment, ultimately leading to overall development.
  • Promotion of the decentralization of economic power, as the Gupta project contributes to the economic wellbeing of the nation by reducing the consumption of coal and other fossil fuels for generating electricity. This lead to the diversification of the national energy demand, which is dominated by conventional fuel-based generating units.

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