Bundled Wind Power

The project activity is a grid connected electricity generation using wind power as a renewable energy source.

It is a grouped project consisting of commissioning and operation of 17 wind turbine generators by six developers of the Friends Group Companies. It generates a total capacity of 35.7 MW.

The entire electricity generated from the project is being sold to the grid.



  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated to the use of fossil fuels for generating electric power. The project activity uses wind energy to produce electricity which otherwise would have been produced through the grid connected power plants which are primarily fossil fuel based.
  • Using wind power energy to generate electricity contributes to the conservation of resources. Thus the project causes no negative impact to the surrounding environment and contributes to environmental well being.


  • 200 employment opportunities for the local people, equipment supplier, contractors and technical consultants.
  • Renewal of some roads and contribution to the development of infrastructure which is now used by the local populations.
  • Creation of new business opportunities and reduction of the migration flow of population, due to a stable access to an electricity source and also to the improvement of the connections between the different villages of the region.
  • Sponsorship by the Friends Group of an international school for boys and girls aged 5 to 15 in India, and also a school for children with hearing and speech impairments at Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
  • Friends Group also invests in health and safety: Construction of a hospital in Rajasthan; deployment of two fire fighting vans to combat hazards or disasters in the state.

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