Bandirma-3 Wind Power Project

The project activity consists in the installation of 10 wind turbines of 2.5 MW in the area of Bandirma, Northwest of Turkey. The objective is to generate renewable energy and contribute to the national economy.

The project reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, avoiding the generation of carbon dioxide due to the production of electricity using fossil fuels. An annual average of 99 Gwh of renewable energy is generated, which allows an annual emission reduction of 59.796 tCO2e.



  • Reduction of the waste management problems, related to the thermal energy production plants that use coal as the main source.
  • Decrease in the ecological damage caused by the coal mining activities.
  • Reduction of the environmental pollution due to the reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions.
  • Improvement of local air quality in the area where the project is developed.


  • Contribution to the local economy and to the wellbeing of the people living in the area where the Project is developed.
  • Creation of new job opportunities during the planning and building of the wind turbines park.
  • Improvement of the health of the people living in the area, due to an improvement in air quality.
  • The local communities will continue to use the soils for pasture. If the project had not been developed, the lands would have been used for mining or for landfill.
  • Restoration and adaptation of roads, bridges and the river area in Carikli village.
  • Building of a bus stop in Bezirci village.
  • Restoration of the entrance and the surroundings of the Bezirci village cemetery.
  • Construction works for the improvement of water management.

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