Babilonia Hydroelectric Project

The project consists of a small run-of-river hydroelectric project with 4MW of installed capacity, built along the Babilonia river. The main purpose of the project activity is to avoid the construction of new thermal power plants by generating electricity through sustainable, clean and secure means, using hydropower resources.

This will contribute to a more reliable and secure provision of electrical services in the area.

Besides reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, this project will trigger local development.



  • Accomplishment of the whole environmental regulations of Honduras
  • Association with a programme for reforestation with native species
  • Technical education for the population living close to the river, for improving the production by applying sustainable agriculture techniques that help preserving the natural surroundings of the project.
  • Reduction of the dependence in fossil fuels, as no new thermal energy plants will be built.
  • Mitigation of the emission of CO2, SOx and NOX and reduction of the public health problems related to atmospheric pollution.


  • Employement 400 people during the construction of the hydroelectric project, and opening of 19 to 49 permanent work positions for the remainder of the project life time.
  • Promotion of the development in local communities by providing electrification to 5 nearby villages in the municipality of El Ocotal.
  • Funding of a social program for the local communities, which includes the following actions: Scholarization of local populations (at primary, secondary and university levels), construction of a police station, that reduced 90% of the delinquency, and donation of a mobile dental health unit for scholars
  • Promotes decentralization of the economy, bringing opportunities to rural areas.


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