Manual Color has calculated and offset its 2017 carbon footprint with Clean CO2

Manual Color has calculated and offset its 2017 carbon footprint with Clean CO2

M.C. Professional Team, S.L. (Manual Color) is a printing company founded in 1976 in Barcelona. One of its core areas is the concern for the environment and to make a more reasonable use of natural resources. For this reason, it incorporates a carbon management strategy within its environmental management since 2013.

Clean CO2 has calculated the carbon footprint derived from Manual Color’s 2017, which was 94.75 tCO2e. The calculation of the footprint included direct fuel consumption and indirect consumption of electrical energy. Additionally, Manual Color has offset emissions that were not possible to reduce due to its activity. This was made possible thanks to the participation in a project of renewable energies with social commitment pertaining to the Clean CO2 project portfolio.

The project chosen to reduce emissions is called Darica, located in Turkey and certified by the international standard Verified Carbon Standard. The Darica hydroelectric plant is built on the Melet River in the Mesudiye district of the province of Ordu. The objective of the project’s activity is to provide almost 99 MW of renewable electricity, thanks to water strength. The project generates around 327,690 MWh of electricity per year and reduces about 209,722 tonnes of CO2 yearly. In addition, it contributes to additional environmental and social benefits such as the increase in employment opportunities in the area, the improvement of energy efficiency, the expansion of education, health services and public facilities.

With this initiative, Manual Color has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate certifying its neutrality in emissions.

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