Indukern Group make up for the first time their environmental impact

Indukern Group make up for the first time their environmental impact

Indukern Group, is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its activity by calculating and compensating, for the first time, the CO2 emissions it generates.

In this way, Indukern Group have been able to compensate for their carbon footprint generated during the year 2016, specifically 629 tonnes of CO2e, investing in the Barbosa and Procuenca projects.

The Barbosa Project consists in the conservation of the biodiversity and water resources of the Valley of Aburrá in Colombia, through the reforestation of native and non-native arboreal species in the municipality of Barbosa, Antioquia. The project undertakes reforestation of 82.65 hectares degraded by grass, with the following species: Pinus oocarpa, Guadua angustifolia, Eucalyptus grandis and Pinus maximinoi.

The Procuenca Forestry Project groups various activities aimed at sustainable forest management, including forest restoration by regulating and improving the quantity and quality of freshwater for the soil, used to conserve biodiversity. This restoration is carried out through assisted natural regeneration and reforestation of the Chinchiná river basin located in the southern center of Colombia. In this way, emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced and a large part of the CO2 emissions emitted by Indukern Group can be offset.

The environmental benefits obtained with this compensation are the protection of the use of the soil, the retention of run-off water to the ecosystem, the reduction of deforestation, the reduction of the risk of extinction of wildlife, reduction of soil erosion, restoration of local ecological balance, reduction of deforestation, etc.

Both projects also include social benefits such as the creation of stable and well-paid jobs for local communities and training and education workshops.

As a guarantee of the compensation made, Indukern Group has obtained the certificate and seal Clean CO2.