The Global Eco Forum will be an emission neutral event


The Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site located in Barcelona, will hold from 22nd to 23rd October the 2015 Global Eco Forum, an official COP21 side event.  With a participation of 250 speakers, assistants and organizers, the Forum will bring together companies, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, technicians and general public interested on sustainability, to discuss on urban energy and climate change.

The celebration of the 2015 Global Eco Forum will generate 100 tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e), due to the energy consumption of the installations, the displacements of the 250 attendees and speakers, the catering services and the communication materials produced (pens, badges, posters, etc.).

Eco-union, in collaboration with Lavola, has neutralized the environmental impact of the 2015 Global Eco Forum through the investment in the Bandirma-3 Wind Power Project developed in Turkey and verified with The Gold Standard. The project reduces greenhouse gases emissions thanks to the generation of renewable wind energy to produce clean electricity. The project not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also on local communities close to the area of development of the project.

EV000120150046_Segell_QR_CleanCO2 - 1 imatge - copia comprimit

The 2015 Global Eco Forum has obtained the Clean CO2 Certificate as a guarantee of its emissions neutrality and the Clean CO2 Certified Seal with QR code, which allows access to this Informative APP.