Copier Osona SL an emissions neutral organization

Copier Osona SL an emissions neutral organization

Copier Osona SL has calculated and offset the emissions generated by its activity during 2017. This initiative follows the company’s carbon management strategy in 2011, consistent with its firm commitment to sustainability and the environment to manage climate change.

The calculation has taken into account the emissions associated with the main activities carried out by the organization during 2017, such as the energy consumption of the facilities and owned vehicles.

Copier-Osona, SL has neutralized the 21.86 tonnes of equivalent carbon dioxide (tCO2e) generated by its activity, participating in a renewable energy project with a social commitment developed in India. The Andra Pradesh project installs Suzlon turbines for a total installed capacity of 4.2 MW, contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions through the use of renewable resources (wind energy) that would have otherwise been generated in thermal power plants using fossil fuels. The project generates an annual average of 8,462 MWh of renewable energy, which allows an emissions reduction of 8,122 tCO2e per year.

As a guarantee of emissions offset, Copier Osona SL has obtained the certificate and seal ‘Clean CO2 Certified’.

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