Cellnex Telecom offsets the direct emissions of the activity of the whole group

Cellnex Telecom offsets the direct emissions of the activity of the whole group

With a firm commitment to sustainability, Cellnex Telecom calculates the carbon footprint and offsets direct emissions of greenhouse gases (scope 1) generated in Spain since 2015. This year, it goes one step further and offsets emissions from scope 1 generated by the whole group (Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands and UK) during the year 2019.

The calculation and offsetting are part of the commitment to the fight against climate change of the entity, along with emission reduction measures that apply within the organization.

Cellnex Telecom’s offset of GHG emissions in 2019 was made by purchasing 2,815 carbon credits from a Chile’s hydropower production project in the Clean CO2 portfolio.

The project, called the “Mariposas hydroelectic project“, involves the construction and operation of a 6.3MW hydroelectric plant. The Project uses the waters of the first section of the Maule Norte Canal, in the municipality of San Clemente, in the country of Chile. The project generates electricity from renewable sources, with hydropower using irrigation water. The development of the project does not affect the local irrigators, as the water used to generate electricity is returned to the same irrigation system, so that it can be used for irrigation. The project generates an average of 40 GWh of renewable electricity per year. This achieves 21,000 tCO2e annual of reductions greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). It is a project certified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

This project reduces the damage caused by coal mining, contributes to the economic and social development of the region through the creation of employment opportunities (250 jobs during the construction phase and 5 permanent jobs), increasing the value of the land where the project is located and improving the electricity supply service.

With this action, Cellnex Telecom has obtained the Certificate and Stamp Clean CO2 Certified, as accreditation of the action performed.