Andorra Sustainable offsets its 2018 emissions with Clean CO2

Andorra Sustainable offsets its 2018 emissions with Clean CO2

Andorra Sustainable is part of the Department of Environment of the Government of Andorra, that acts as a focal point for information and documentation on environmental matters for the citizens.

It is also an open space for collaboration with all entities and people that carry out initiatives in the field of sustainability. Since 2014, the organization calculates and offsets the carbon footprint of its activity. Currently, they have just calculated and offset its 2018 emissions through Clean CO2, Lavola carbon management brand.

The calculation of the carbon footprint was based on the ISO 14064-1: 2012 and the GHG Protocol, and it included the 2018 emissions generated by the fuel consumption of vehicles, the consumption of electrical energy and the consumption of paper and toners.

The 1.31 tonnes of CO2e generated by the Center’s activity in 2018 were offset by the purchase of 2 carbon credits from the wind energy generation and social commitment project Andra Pradesh, developed in India and certified by Verified Carbon Standard. The project installs Suzlon turbines for a total installed capacity of 4.2 MW, contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions through the use of renewable resources (wind energy) for the generation of energy that would otherwise been generated in thermal power plants using fossil fuels. The project generates an annual average of 8,462 MWh of renewable energy, which allows an emissions reduction of 8,122 tCO2e per year.

With this action, Andorra Sustainable has obtained the Certificate and Seal Clean CO2 Certified, which guarantee the emissions offset.